Formerly,Bar None Ranch, of Berlin, NY, we are now Climbing Tree Farm, of New Lebanon. We raise PASTURED POULTRY, LAMB, GRASS-FED BEEF, and WOODLAND/PASTURE-RAISED, MILK-FED PORK. We keep our animals true to their instincts- letting our pigs dig, our chickens range, our sheep graze. We feed rotationally graze on pasture and silvo-pasture (in the woods). We work with a local dairy to feed our pigs Jersey milk. We are conscientious stewards of the land, and our animals.

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kids at the Farmer's Market

Our kids spend about 10 hours every week at farmer's markets (and countless more preparing for market).
 Sometimes the kids are bored at market, sometimes they're whiny, and sometimes the toddler throws an entire dozen eggs and rubs the egg goop in her hair (yes, not proud, but that did happen once...last week).

 At the farmer's markets our kids practice entertaining themselves, they learn to interact with all different kinds of new people, and we're waiting for them to learn not to interrupt while we're conducting business! And, our kids have learned to thoroughly test ALL of the samples that other vendors provide. This photograph is one of the many upsides of being a kid at the market- - the CHEESE KABOB which Huck crafted from Cricket Creek Cheese Samples. Taking two young children to the farmer's market each week does not make our jobs easier (not by ANY stretch of the imagination!), but it does seem to be helping to teach our kids patience, to defy boredom, to make friends easily, and most importantly to make cheese kabobs.

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