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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Red Apple Butchers

Jazu Stine-carrying in the first delivery of pork to his new shop, Red Apple Butchers.

James Burden crossing the threshold (into the walk-in cooler) with Red Apple's first pig.

These pictures show the culmination of months (or years) of work and preparation.
We feel so unbelievably lucky to be working with these guys.

The doors have been open for a few weeks now (somehow this post never posted at the time) and the shop is FANTASTIC!
 OK, I'll admit it, my Tuesday delivery to Red Apple is one of the best parts of my week. Last week my kids and I tried the first batch of Red Apple Bacon (to die for!), this week Andouille sausage and sliced ham (my two year old ate half a ham's worth of samples it was so good), and we left with a "doggy bag" of dog treats for our dogs which were promptly devoured. These guys are the real deal. So glad to know you Red Apple.


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