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Monday, July 22, 2013

Mulefoot Hogs

Meet our newest breed of heritage pigs: Mulefoot Hogs. With only around 300 breeding Mulefoot hogs in the USA, this breed is highly endangered. Mulefoot hogs are closely related to wild pigs. We have found them to be excellent foragers, very self sufficient, yet friendly and sweet. Two of our Mulefoots' siblings live at the Queens Zoo in NYC as part of their heritage breed exhibit.  According to Florence Fabricant of the New York Times, heritage pork is "darker, more heavily marbled with fat, juicier and richer-tasting than most pork, and perfect for grilling."

The breed gets its name from its unusual hoof-
which is not cloven, like a normal porcine hoof, but looks more like a mules foot.
If only these pigs were ruminents (animals that chew cud-  like cows and sheep), they might pass as Kosher pork!

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