Formerly,Bar None Ranch, of Berlin, NY, we are now Climbing Tree Farm, of New Lebanon. We raise PASTURED POULTRY, LAMB, GRASS-FED BEEF, and WOODLAND/PASTURE-RAISED, MILK-FED PORK. We keep our animals true to their instincts- letting our pigs dig, our chickens range, our sheep graze. We feed rotationally graze on pasture and silvo-pasture (in the woods). We work with a local dairy to feed our pigs Jersey milk. We are conscientious stewards of the land, and our animals.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Piggies again!

Pictures, as promised, of Mary Jane and her new litter of eleven piglets.

This is where Mary Jane made her nest! It's a GIANT (far bigger than our car) Multi Flora Rose bush. Nice and cool, excellent view, great preditor protection, but darn hard to catch a piglet, if one needs to be caught.

One day old. Check out their ears- they're folded back away from their faces. In a couple of weeks their ears will flop forward over their eyes, I assume they start pinned back like that to make breast-feeding easier, and then they flop forward to be used as eye protection during foraging and as sun shades. Floppy ears are a characteristic of the Large Black, which is a heritage breed that we love. These piglets are a Large Black/Duroc cross.  

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